Frequently Asked Questions

General Update Information

How can I tell if I have the latest maps?
Please follow steps 1 and 2 of the map update process on this website.

What do I need to get a map update?
You will need a 16 GB USB drive, a high-speed Internet connection and up to 4 hours of time.

Can I go to my Honda dealer for system updates?
Most dealers can update your navigation system. Please contact your dealer for more information. Service fees may apply.

How can I tell what map version I have?
In the navigation application, you can see your map version by going to Settings > Map & Vehicle > myMaps.

How can I tell what software version I have?
In the navigation application the software version can be found under Settings > Device > About.

How do I update the navigation application software?
Please contact your local dealership.

Are map updates available on DVD?
No, map updates are only available to download. Please follow the instructions provided in this website to download your map update.

How often do new maps come out?
New map updates are released once a year.

How do I update the Points of Interest? (Restaurants, Petrol Stations, etc.)
Points of Interest are included in a map update.

Will my Favourites be deleted when I update my maps?
No, these items will not be deleted when a map update occurs.

Subscription Questions

Do I get map updates?
Honda vehicles with Garmin supplied navigation can receive updates through this portal. To confirm if you have Garmin-supplied navigation, on your navigation application go to Settings > Device > About and check that navigation is being provided by Garmin.

Do I have to pay for map updates?
For Honda vehicles with Garmin navigation, a user gets 5 years of map updates at no cost.

How much longer will I receive free map updates for?
Garmin Express will display how much time you have left in your subscription.

The Update Process

How long does a navigation update take?
The time required will vary based on file size and Internet speed. Please allow up to 4 hours of time to complete this update.

Can I drive my car while I’m updating my navigation application?
Yes, but your navigation will be disabled until the update is complete.

How can I tell that my maps updated successfully?
Your Navigation System will display “Update Successful” if the maps were updated successfully.

Troubleshooting or Reporting Problems

After the navigation update I have the navigation icon but I do not have a map or Points of Interest. What do I do?
Restart the update process by following the instructions provided on this website. If you continue to have issues, please contact customer support or your local dealer.

My navigation icon disappeared. How do I get my navigation icon back on my Navigation System?
Please contact your local dealership.

My car lost power in the middle of an update. What do I do?
Restart the map update process again by following the map update procedure.

My update won’t start when I plug in the USB drive. What do I do?
Delete all files on the USB drive and restart the process from step 1 of the update instructions provided on this website. If you continue to have this issue, please contact customer support or your local dealer.

I just updated my map. Why are there still map errors?
We strive to provide our customers with the most economical, accurate and up-to-date electronic maps available. However, features are continually changing so the data may not reflect the latest modifications and/or additions in your area. There may be an occasion where a map update was not available in time to be included in the latest map version. You are solely responsible for safe navigation and the prudent use of the mapping product.

I found an error in the map. What can I do?
Please report this issue at this link. Report Map Error

I have more questions, who do I call for customer support?
Please contact Honda Customer support.